So we are settling back into Spain, and getting our minds wrapped around the fact that we’re going to be sticking around for some time. Things are looking up.

  1. The weather has cooled off considerably. Plus, it rained. Like, real rain. Not just little drizzles. Actual rain that cooled things off, and allowed us to bake cookies. Because baking cookies is an awesome thing to do with a three year old.
  2. We found Hannah a new school that we absolutely love, and, more importantly, she loves.
  3. I had a PMS breakdown and ate enough chocolate to keep Switzerland’s economy going for a century, but somehow I managed to not gain any weight.
  4. I ordered a tubble. Our house didn’t have a bathtub, which was fine when we were only going to be here a few months. But longer than that, I need a tub. So this puppy is on its way, and I’m getting ready for long baths with trashy books.
  5. We found a church in Malaga that we love. So every Sunday I get to sing hymns I grew up singing, and listening to people talk in English, which, you know, is pretty awesome.
  6. The leaves are turning, and it’s cool enough to burn candles and keep cinnamon simmering on the stove. Autumn is the best.
  7. I went to one of the Chinese bazaar shops and stocked up on a shit ton of orange, brown, yellow, and red craft supplies of all sorts for Hannah and I to go nuts. Pinterest has absolutely nothing on me at the moment.
  8. I am finally starting to sort out all my business ventures, and getting things in order for my projects, decluttering what doesn’t need to be there, and welcoming more goodness and abundance into my life from what’s really important.
  9. I’ve started going to Al-Anon, which is amazing. There is nothing quite as awesome as walking into a room of people, all of whom are pretty much going through the exact same thing you are.
  10. Best of all, we had asked the Universe for a pet, because we really miss our cats. Three days later this wonderful family of stray cats came around. They’re still getting used to us, but they come regularly for food, and are starting to trust us. We love having furry beams of light around us now.

I feel like I’m settling in so much more than I was last year at this time. Maybe it’s because I speak better Spanish, maybe it’s because I know I’m stuck here so I need to make the best of it, maybe because I’m starting to adapt to Spanish culture, maybe all of the above. Either way, I’ll take it.


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