Since nobody really reads this blog yet (no offense, mom), I am going to start chronicling my journey towards my entrepreneurial and personal goals here. I have hesitated with what to write in this blog. I want my personal blog to be an escape of sorts from the world of podcasting and history, in which I have to keep up a certain level of professionalism. And even though this blog is linked to my other sites since I’m using the same username and account, it’s not really something that someone would find unless they were really doing a search on me, in which case I welcome them to have this information.

There are two big projects in my life right now:
– Losing weight
– Manifesting money

Isn’t that pretty much the same as everyone in America? Well, that’s why I want to have this chronicle of my journey. There are people I follow like Bryan Harris or Jeff Goins, or Leonie Dawson, who have been successful with online businesses, and in fact, I’ve taken their classes, and belong to their Academies. But they haven’t been successful for *that* long – a few years in the case of Bryan, more like five for Jeff, and just over seven or so for Leonie.

But I can’t, for the life of me, find their early entries where they were just starting off. I see loads of them writing posts about, “well, this is how I did it,” sorts of things, but I don’t really care about that. I care about reading their posts when they had a mailing list of 320 and 66 YouTube subscribers, and 602 twitter followers. That’s what I care about – I care about seeing them have doubts about what’s possible, and seeing the actions they took in response to those doubts.

That’s what I care about from the position I’m in now. I don’t care that much about another successful person generating $3 million a year telling me where they were five years ago. I care about reading those blog entries five years ago.

I suppose it makes sense that, if they had a blog then, they would wipe those entries. It might mess with their brand otherwise. I get it. But I don’t like it.

And so, this blog is going to turn into me chronicling what I’m doing, the steps I’m taking, in order to generate and manifest my goals. My big picture goals are to lose 50 pounds, and to generate $200,000/year from my online businesses.

The first place I’m at with my business is that I’ve been in a place of super confusion. I have so many interests and passions, and I have a hard time niching and narrowing it down, yet I know that’s really important, especially in the online world.

So I hired a business coach, Joanna Hunter, and she is helping me put everything into a clear context, and see where my strengths are, and the way all the threads can be pieced together, which is the whole idea behind this blog’s name of a Whimsical Patchwork. It’s a patchwork of passions sewn together to make one big amazing awesome life.

Joanna helped me see that, of course, my big passions are history and music, and I need all of my work to be centered around that. Of course I think that you can’t make money in history or music unless you’re an academic.

Limiting belief number one. Of course you can make money in history and music even if you’re not an academic. People run museums. People produce history programs. People have podcasts – ask Dan Carlin how much money he’s making from academia. $0. But his podcast? Mucho.

Joanna is helping me work through a lot of my money blocks as well. There’s a lot there about what I do and don’t deserve, and also the ever-popular, “who do you think you are, that you can make $200,000 a year from a podcast?”

Yeah, that’s a big one. I remember when I was a kid and I told my dad I wanted to be a singer. “Everybody wants to be a singer,” was his response. Then later when I started getting a blog following, back in 2002, and thinking I could do online work, and be location independent. “Everybody wants to do that,” my dad said.

So the message I got is that everybody wants what I want, so what makes me think I’m special enough to get it.

That’s just not true. To start with, not everybody wants what I want. There are plenty of people who want good stable office jobs with routine, not to have to work on their laptop in airports.

Second, even if everybody wants it, they can go after it, too. What’s keeping them from it? Somebody’s gotta be performing at the VMA’s. Somebody’s gotta be writing bestsellers. Somebody’s gotta be inventing the next Facebook. Why not me? Why not any of us?

Sure, maybe everybody wants it, but they’re sure as hell not all going after it with a passion and an urgency.

I’ve been reading a lot about manifesting and generating money miracles lately – Denise Duffield Thomas, Napoleon Hill, Jen Sincero, and I just registered for Mike Dooley’s new online class. The one thing that they all say is that the first few steps are:

– set a really clear intention
– tell the Universe about that intention
– really believe and expect that the intention will manifest itself
– take actions based on that expectation
– be super grateful for everything

I did the Landmark Forum in 1996, and it’s a similar process. Declare your possibility, and then take actions consistent with what someone who already was living that possibility would take.

So my intention is to be generating $20,000/month by next July.
Also, to weigh 175.

Yesterday I found 10 cents on the ground. I scooped it up and kissed it, and was extremely grateful for it, because it’s just one more sign from the Universe that I’m on the right track.

My actions to get me in the right mindset each morning are that I write Morning Pages, a la Julia Cameron, and then I spend time reviewing my goals. I also write a stream of conscious conversation with the universe. This is actually just something I started recently, and it goes like this: Universe, here’s my question. And then the answer comes. I do this for about 15 or 20 minutes each day.

Then I look at my Vision Board, on Pinterest.

Then I take actions that are consistent with what someone who was already living the life I want to live. What would she do?

That’s where I am right now. At the moment my business is generating a big fat goose egg each month.

My goal for October is to have it generate $2000.

I’m not sure exactly how that’s going to happen, but it’s my goal. I’m going to state my intention, do what I know how to do, take inspired actions, and let the Universe work out the finances.



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