I’m Heather, and I’m a storyteller. I mostly tell stories about history, music, and travel. My passion is Renaissance English history, and I have a popular indie podcast, the Renaissance English History Podcast.

I also write books, run history tours, and teach other people how to create and launch history podcasts and self publish their books.

I live in Southern Spain with my husband and three year old daughter, the miraculous Hannah Zen who has more energy than I ever thought it was possible for one human being to have.

I believe that we are what we do regularly, and so every day I:
– write Morning Pages
– get 10,000 steps in
– read
– write a gratitude list
– work on my Spanish
– listen to a history podcast other than mine

I also:
– work on my business
– love planning my week and executing my plan
– write in my blogs
– look at the constellations in the sky
– track my food on Weight Watchers
– talk with my parents

I love:
– needle point gel pens
– books
– history
– long flights
– politics
– cooking
– fresh notebooks
– things that smell good (candles, lotion, bubblebath)
– my family
*Not necessarily in that order*